Choreography: Raimonda Gudaviciute and AURA dancers

Music: Apex Twins, Amon Tobin, “Love Vector”

Lighting design:  Vladimiras Serstobojevas

Costumes:  Egle Ziemyte

Dance: Asta Brilingienė, Audronė Leškevičiūtė, Lina Puodžiukaitė, Mantas Stabačinskas, Rasa Danilinaitė, Tautivilas Gurevičius

Duration – 45 min.

Premiere - 2008


 Choreographer of the performance is a formerly AURA student Raimonda Gudaviciute. In 1994 being 9 years old she came to the theatrical dance studio. Later Raimonda has acquired actress dancer speciality at the Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre, worked as a trainee at the Lyons National Conservatory of Music and Dance in France. Since 2007 Raimonda is studying modern dance masters at the Academy of Helsinki (Finland)

“Back” is the first Raimonda’s attempt to create a dance performance for the troupe. Until then created ones are only solo dance compositions or other choreographers works performed by her.

The performance presents relations between persons, internal nostalgia of proximity. Duets explore relation between two individuals, not woman and man relationships. Possibilities of the back gave impulse for choreography, expressing fear, loneliness, insecurity, beauty by soft, viscous movements starting at the back.

Purity, integrity and grace delivers real pleasure by watching this performance. The soft choreography with no unnecessary conceptions or decorations with not-traditional choices. That is new stage for AURA.



2009 LITHUANIA Vilnius, Kaunas
2008 LITHUANIA Kaunas, Vilnius, Plunge, Birstonas



2009 “Fortuna” diploma for choreography by Union of the Theaters in Kaunas City.


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