Choreography: Renana Raz (ISRAELl)

Music: Alec Empire, Arto Lindsay, Anton Bruhin, Hajime Tachibana, Mono Betsuni Nanmo, Third Eye Foundation

Lighting design: Renana Raz, Vladimiras Serstobojevas

Costumes: Ruta Biliunaite

Dance: AURA dancers

Duration – 38 min.

Premiere - 2007


Idea of this performance is based on Druzu society (which lives in north Izrael, Libya and Syria) folk dance „Debka“, which traditionally is men dance. It is expressive, intense and physically difficult dance. Mens` power and expression is transfered to women bodies, who play different rituals, as they would be Tribe. Energy is beating from lowermost till uppermost point. Folk motive in this performance is connection, movement and music are modern. Intercultural performance consist of there logical parts: beginning, fight and ritual, removing marks of nationality. Action of performance – nature cycle, life circle, which never ends, but usually we see only fragments of it. In this performance viewer will see fragments of life, which contains everything, that we manage envisage and sense.


Performance “Tribe” attracts by its` symbolic, fastens by energetic moves and change of music. Folk motives as connection moments of performance, gives mystery, unknown and dreadful tension for the piece.




2009 – LITHUANIA Vilnius, Palanga, Joniskis, LATVIA Daugpils
2008 - POLAND Poznan, LITHUANIA Kaunas, Rokiskis, Kedainiai, Telsiai
2007 – LITHUANIA Birstonas, Kaunas



2008 – „Fortuna“ prize for the best choreography of the year by Union of Theatres in Kaunas City.


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