Choerography – Lina Puodziukaite

Music – Antonio Vivaldi

Lightening – Vladimiras Serstobojevas

Dancers: Aura Dance Company and study dancers

Premiere – 2009 m.

Duration – 50 min.

Dance performance built according to famous A. Vivaldi concert cycle „Four Seasons“. Choreographer of performance Lina Puodziukaite is a main dancer of Aura Dance company and it is the first work of her as choreographer.

A. Vivaldi piece inspired L.Puodziukaite as very musical, solid and having rich inner story. The musical „Vivaldi code“ is revealed with unique body language. The feelings provoked by different seasons are visible through the women and nature paralel. We see birth, growing, maturity, blossom and plenitude of woman’s life. Woman is continously reviving The Very Begining, ensureing continuity of all the things.

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