The Dance Performance

Choreography – Ferenc Feher (Hungary)

Music – David Kovacsovic (Hungary)

Costume design: Ferenc Feher, Paulina Nešukaitytė

Lightening design: David Kovacsovic, Vladimiras Šerstobojevas

Dancers: Gotautė Kalmatavičiūtė, Ema Nedobežkina, Marius Pinigis (Andrius Stakelė), Mantas Stabačinskas, Solveiga Vasiliauskaitė (Indrė Puišytė)

Video film

Video film author – Mindaugas Arlinskas („Oro pagalvės“)

Sound track – Jaras Ramūnas

Authentic Revolt song singer – Irena Višnevska

Persons in video: Mindaugas Armonavičius, Gabija Blochina, Julius Litinskas, Indrė Puišytė, Marius Pinigis

Duration – 45 min.

Premiere – 11th of March 2013

Support – The Culture Support Foundation

The whole performance is like a spur wheel, which operates without stopping. Nonstop. There is no escape only the humility remains”. (F.Feher)

The object of the performance „1863“ is the revolt, who took place in 1863 in Lithuania and it is dedicated to the 150th annual of this event. Choreographer doesn’t illustrate the particular revolt. The specific details, personalities of revolt doesn’t interest choreographer. The performance reflects our common human experience living in peace – less conditions .

The choreographer Ferenc Feher is one of the most prominent personalities of the contemporary dance in Hungary. He was awarded with prestigious Rudolf Laban Prize, The Best Contemporary Dance Performance of year 2010 in Hungary.

The Artistic Director Birute Letukaitė got an idea to create video film, which is kind of Prologue to the performance “1863”. It gives to the audience some historical information, indicates direction, but it is also made using contemporary sound, view and text mixture.


2013 – LITHUANIA Kaunas, Rokiskis, Birstonas, Sakiai, SWEDEN Gothenburg

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