Choreography: Birutė Letukaitė, in collaboration with dancers
Music: Alfred Flores Ayon, Björk, Antanas Jasenka, Ludwig van Beethoven, Hudson Thames, Alva Noto, Marcof, Joel Osteen
Lights: Vladimiras Šerstabojevas
Costumes: Birutė Letukaitė
Dancers: Alfredo Flores Ayon (Mexico), Alejandro Flores Mora (Costa Rica), Anna Karen Gonzalez (Mexico), Ema Nedobežkina, Gintarė Ščavinskaitė, Francesco Dalmasso (Italy), Gabrielle Emily Aidulis, Israel Ismael Infante Salazar (Mexico), Kyrie Oda (Japan), Paulius Prievelis, Siri Maja Kristin Elmqvist (Sweden).
Duration: 45 min.
Premiere: 10-12-2014

Every day we encounter negative information: abuse, violence, agression, disasters, hatred… All of these negative factors are attacking us, effecting our behaviour, thinking, moods and signals about processes that take place in our closest enviroment which we choose to ignore.

Wives, husbands and their children – what are they talking about? Can they hear each other in the urban noise? In this performance “Aura” dance theatre talks about a human’s lost in miscommunication in postmodern society, and his restless search of the real – hidden truth.


Show performed
2014 LITHUANIA, Kaunas (campaign “16 days of resistance to violence against women”)

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