Choreography and directionVilma Pitrinaitė (Lithuania/Belgium)
Music: Arūnas Periokas, Mindaugas Borisa 
Image designIndrė Mikelaitytė
Dancers: Gyeong Jin Lee (S.Korea), Niels Claes (Belgium), Oksana Griaznova (Lithuania), Omer Lavie (Izrael), Paulius Prievelis (Lithuania)
Duration50 min.
Premiere: 5th of February 2016 

“Of the ancient world and of the future world, there remains nothing but the beauty. You went on being a child, silly like antiquity, cruel like the future, and between yourself and your beauty, possessed by power, the stupid and cruel present seeped in. You always wore it like a smile between tears. (..) Your beauty surviving the ancient world, reclaimed by the future world, possessed by present world, became a deadly evil. And now, the older brothers at last turn around, stopping for a moment in their cursed games, leaving their endless distractions, and ask themselves : “Is it possible that she had shown us the way ?”  /Based on the film of Pier Paolo Pasolini, ‘Rage’/

This performance is a restless and fearless game with destruction. We are oversoaked with the slashing, self-defending, nauseating and amazingly divine zest, which is the nature of live cell with the programmed destruction in it. What to feel fear for? Every cell will return to the initial chaos, from which it is created. So, we are like gods, creating and destroying constellations of the bodies. We are playing with fictions, signs and symbols, with the dreams of the past world, because we don’t want that somebody would create myths for us. We would like to create them by ourselves. /Vilma Pitrinaitė/

Vilma Pitrinaitė is a former dancer of Aura Dance Theatre. Ten years ago she went to France to study dance in the Centre for the Development of Choreography in Toulouse and in the National Choreography Centre, led by Mathilde Monnier in Montpellier. Later she continued studying in the National Theatre school in Strasbourg. In 2010 V. Pirtinaitė created dance performance “Miss Lithuania“. The dancer worked with “la Zampa“, Mitia Fedotenko troupe “Autre Mina“, François Verret, Karine Ponties troupe “Dame de Pic“ and Philippe Grandrieux. At the moment the artist is living and creating in Belgium.

Performance is staged on the platform “On AURA Trampoline”. This platform was established to give possibility for young choreographers work with AURA Dance Theatre and to express themselves and their visions through the other performers, working as choreographers.

LITHUANIA – Kaunas, Vilnius, Klaipėda

Photo Svetlana Batura


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