Choreography: Anna Karen Gonzalez Huesca, Renato González,
Dancers: Aime Irasema Sánchez (Mexico), Antonia Kolujartseva (Russia), Juan Madero (Mexico), Oksana Griaznova (Lithuania)
Video: Renato González
Costumes: Eglė Sakalaitė
Lights: Vladimiras Šerstabojevas
Duration: 50 min.
Premiere:  June 7, 2016

“Frontera” is an attempt to touch the situations when a man who is seeking to fulfil his dreams or wants to find his place within a social group or environment, starts to act in non-human forms. Despite of the consequences, we consciously or unconsciously learn to live with them. We must decide ourselves, otherwise the others will make decisions instead of us.

When we show a people as a one thing, as only one thing, we create stereotypes, and the problem with stereotypes, it’s not that they are not true, but they are incomplete. The consequence of this is: it’s robs people of dignity, it makes our recognition of that equal humanity difficult, it emphasizes how we are different rather how we are similar… Chimamanda Adichie

Anna Karen Gonzalez Huesca – dancer, choreographer from Mexico. She graduated dance studies in Escuela Profesional de Danza, Mazatlan, in 2013. She was invited to dance in famous Mexican contemporary dance company DELFOS, participated in international festivals, gave dance classes. In 2014 Anna has come to Lithuania to work in Aura Dance Theatre for one season, she worked with such choreographers as Birute Letukaitė, Paul Hess, Hygin Delimat, Samuel Mathieu. She debuted with her solo performance “Irreversible Movement” in the international dance festival AURA 25. At the moment she is living and creating in Mexico, collaborates with different artists and is involved in educational activity.

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