Author of paintings: Sigi Gabrie (Sigitas Gabrijolavičius, Australia)
Choreography: Birutė Letukaitė
Music: Antanas Jasenka
Costumes: Olesė Kekienė
Dancers of “Aura”: Ema Nedobežkina, Gintarė Marija Ščavinskaitė, Julija Mintautė, Gerda Butkutė, Oksana Griaznova, Abel Hernandez Gonzalez, Aime Sanchez, Juan Madero, Antonia Koluiartseva, Evgeniy Kalachov, Haruka Suzuki, Kyrie Oda, Mei Chen, Love Hellgren, Niels Claes, Marine Fernandez.
Partner of the exhibition and visualizations: Kaunas biennial
Artist: Monika Žaltauskaitė Grašienė
Video animator: Šarūnas Vyštartas
Duration: 1-3 hrs
Premiere: October 6th, 2016

The performance “Labyrinth” was created to remember Danute Nasvytyte, who was a pioneer of expressive dance in Lithuania. The performance premiere was presented during the opening of the International Dance Festival AURA 26.

During the premiere the space of Kaunas modernistic architecture – “Pienocentras” palace – was filled with unseen and strange vitality. The united team of movement, fine arts, animation and music invited the audience to the mystic artistic action and to the rooms full of secrets. “Labyrinth” is a dance piece based on a series of 8 paintings of Sigi Gabrie (Sigitas Gabrijolavičius), the son of Danutė Nasvytytė. The choreographer Birutė Letukaitė collaborating with creative team of Kaunas biennial, settled down the dancers of AURA Dance Theatre in the spaces of “Pienocentras” where all together were invited to travel not only with our bodies, but also in our minds. To travel in time, in our consciousness and unconsciousness, in the past and in our memories where the audience met symbolic, metaphorical figures, images and characters.

The paintings of Sigi Gabrie tell the story of a small child, as yet unknown journey through life using mythologies of the Labyrinth. Her mother spins the clothes line to start her journey, and follows behind her watching the pathway… In this story the idea of a Minotaur is not the fear of a monstrous bull, but the fear of the unknown. The paintings are based on the physical concept of a rotating clothes line, from which various images and symbols are hanged like painted illustrated sheets. The characters (dancers) haunt the passages through the labyrinth. A photographer follows the child through the labyrinth taking photographs of encounters with the various mythical figures, and then leaves the photo records behind as memories. The photographs represent memory of the experience from art, legends and fables. The dancers in each choreography interpret and improvise on the theme of each visual metaphor seen in the paintings.

The project is supported by Lithuanian Council for Culture, Kaunas City Municipality.
Project partner for spaces – Kaunas Technology University.

2016 LITHUANIA — Kaunas (October 6th in the International dance festival AURA 26; October 14th)


Photos by Svetlana Batura, video by Marius Paplauskas.

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