From YoshikoWaki and Rolf Baumgart with Blake Seidel, Chiara Corbetta, Clara Giambino, Dmytro Grynov,  Edgaras Žemaitis, Ema Senkuvienė, Eric Zarcone, Evgenii Kalachev, Jeanna Serikbayeva, Lukas Zerbst
Assistant: Greta Dainytė
Music: Prokofjevas, Sting, Lykke Li, Wonderland, Pink Floyd, Portishead, Fisher Z, Velvet Underground, Dj Krush
Lights: Vladimiras Šerstabojevas
Costumes: Kristina Čyžiūtė, Marina Schutte
Duration: 40 min.
Premiere: 2017 , October 5th, International Dance Festival AURA 27

Lithuania is the center of Europe now. Really? In some Statistical Annual Report we find the most liked fairy tales’ motifs, an excerpt: talking bread, living water, laughing stones, poisened combs, dragons impacted by a fallen tree, meerschaum and bloodschaum, snakes wearing crowns, fog which comes into the one ear and leaves through the another, wind which reads a newspaper, princes (- strong, – goodlooking, -blockheaded), iron shoes, neverending spindles, toads which play violin, pancakes which jump out of the pan, children who are transferred to (- trees, – peas, -bread)…


Bodytalk, based on artists in residence in Münster/Germany, creates dance-theater which is deeply rooted in the community in which it is produced. Yoshiko Waki and Rolf Baumgart founded Bodytalk in 2008. Lauded by the press as “radically local” their work has garnered (inter)national acclaim.

Dance-Theatre-Prizes from Bremen, Leipzig, Cologne were awarded to Bodytalk. The Juries described Bodytalk’s work as Brutally funny… saucily irreverent … ruthlessly bold. The choreographer and six dancers of Bodytalk weave their work into the location in which the performance takes place. Nothing is held aloof. Yoshiko Waki swiftly dissolves the borders that separate genres. The result is a terrifically dynamic performance that is cantankerous, absurdist, and forcefully radical. Without moralizing, our vicious inner animal is revealed. Uncontrollable drives find their moment to be displayed full force.

Watching this multi-media Performance-Spectacle is always breathtaking, especially when the ensemble confronts us with reality, with that that is not able to be expressed in words, and that is above all the body, our flesh(…) Bodytalk demonstrates a specific quality in the art of dance, which consists of unmasking our rhetoric. / From the honorific speeches for the Leipzig and for the Cologne Dance-Theatre Prize.

Photo Svetlana Batura

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