Creators of the performance and the performers wish to stay anonymous.

Duration: 50-60 min.

Premiere: 2010


      And the war has only just begun

Where are the words,
where is the house,
where are my ancestors,
where are my loves
and where are my friends?


There are none, my child.
Everything has to be built.


You must buld the language
that you will live in,
You must build the house
where you’ll no longer be alone.
You must find the ancestors


who will make you more free,
and you must invent the new
sentimental education
through which once again,
you will love.


And all of this,
you must build it upon
the general hostility
because those who wake up
are the nightmare
of those who still sleep.
The lost children are the
orphans of all known orders.


So lucky are the orphans,
the chaos of the world
belongs to them.


In 1929 the Spanish poet Federico García Lorca travels to New York. The city is at the edge of the chaos, immersed in a great financial and social crisis. While some bankers jump over the windows of the skyscrapers, thousands of workers and his families queue up in the street to obtain a plate of warm soup.

At the end of 40s, the Lithuanian poet Jonas Mekas comes to New York, fleeing of a war, which had desolated to the old man continent, The American city was celebrating euphoric the victory of the war and an incipient middle class is prepared ready to consume the whole planet to morsels.

The first Poet created, fruit of this disturbing experience in the great city, in New York, one of the tops of the universal poetry. The American society impressed Lorca deeply, feeling from the beginning of his stay a deep distaste towards the capitalism and the industrialization of the modern society, at the time that it was repudiating the treatment distributed to the minority of color.

When Jonas Mekas arrives to New York, begins his famous movie diaries Known with Walden’s title, in clear honoring to the North American writer H.D. Thoreau, which I withdraw to the forests of Massachusetts throughout two years with the intention of discovering the wealth of the nature, studying the basic needs of the human being and raising a way of life that was proposing the loneliness to face the search of himself. The walks along the park of the city are for Mekas instants that allow an ephemeral return the nature, which knew in Lithuania during his youth, before his exile. His films capture the natural environment with a notable lyric sensibility that transmits a nostalgy towards his past.

In both artists the dichotomy sublies nature – civilization. Lorca lived through the decadence of a model of capitalism, which was spilling his residues in the waters of the Queen¨s River. Mekas experienced the incipient one to re-arise from another model., the consumerism, which spills his residues in all the seas of the planet.

We have taken this look Hispanic – Lithuanian, and these two artists, as source of inspiration to think about the current global situation of the planet, in clear resistance to the cybernetic capitalism that is threating us.

„Atvirų akių panoramos“ – šiuolaikinio meno kalba apie kibernetinį kapitalizmą from Kristijonas Jakubsonas on Vimeo.

The Company Tranvia Teatro, SL is born at the end of the year 1987 in order to create a professional stable structure of artistic production in the Community of Aragon. After eight years of existence, ten productions and numerous tours along the state geography, they decide to become absorbed in the creation of a scenic space of exhibition and creation in the city of Zaragoza: Teatro de la Estación. After a year of reforms, and a strong economic investment, they open his doors in 1996. From this moment, Tranvía Teatro turns into his resident company.

Theatre Manantiales (Teatro do los Manantiales) is a space of creation compromised with a series of artists proceeding from diverse scenic and artistic disciplines, from here and from there: to discover the public thirsty of really contemporary projects; to guarantee a path as have been done by company members since 1995. Theatrical, artistic and cultural renovation in a city stopped in the time. From 2002, company opened a new space, where the creative water continues running and does not stagnate: every time they are more tributaries without need of transfers millionaires of doubtful intentions. Theatre Manantiales has bet for the cultural resistance.

“Aura” is eldest theatre of contemporary dance in Lithuania, with longest experience; single municipal professional modern dance theatre in Lithuania. It is well known in Lithuania as well as abroad. Birute Letukaite, now – well known choreographer and educator, established dance company in the year 1980, which has grown to Theater “Aura”.

“Aura” is collaborating with many different choreographers (32 choreographers from 14 different countries); organize social-educational programs; creates interdisciplinary art with artists of different fields. Creative activity of Theatre was awarded by various awards in Lithuania and abroad.



2010 – LITHUANIA Birstonas, Klaipeda, Kaunas, Vilnius, Varena, Alytus.

          SPAIN Valencia, Saragossa, Sevilla, Aranjuez.


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