Idea, direction & choreography: Birute Letukaite

Music: Antanas Jasenka

Scenography: Birute Letukaite

Lightning design: Tadas Valeika, Vladimiras Serstobojevas

Costume design: Ruta Biliunaite

Interpretation and performance: Skaidra Jancaitė (Soprano, Medea), Liza Baliasnaja, Riikka Ihalainen, Gotaute Kalmataviciute, Ruta Lelyte, Jokubas Nosovas, Marius Pinigis, Indre Puisyte, Mantas Stabacinskas, Andrius Stakele, Ieva Navickaitė and pupil of theatre studio

Duration: 60 min.

Premiere: 7 May, 2011

Sponsored by: Lithuanian Culture Support Foundation

I’ve decided to kill my children
and to leave this country.
I haven’t a moment longer lest
someone takes my children
and they are slaughtered by some enemy’s hands.
Die they must and so,
better they die by me who gave birth to them.

Euripides „Medea“, 1234 – 1239

Media says that each year 6-8 infants are killed in Lithuania. But these data are not announced publicly and this makes to believe that real numbers are much bigger.
According to the Department of Statistics, more than 27 thousands unborn infants were killed during these 3 years.

Performance is supported by Lithuania Republic Culture Support Foundation and Kaunas City Municipality.


“Medea” has made a deep impression on me. It was something new, compared with what I had seen. I saw that the choreographer had the developed imagination – she used strong images. I liked that everything was designed according to the dance scene.

                                                                                                                                 Anne Linn Akselsen (Norwegian dance artist)


2013 - ITALY Trento, festival “Oriente Occidente”

2012 – LITHUANIA Kaunas, Vilnius

2011 – LITHUANIA Kaunas, Vilnius



2012 – statue of “Fortunes”

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