Choreography – Yossi Berg (ISRAEL)

Music:  Antonio Vivaldi, Square Pusher, Tortoise, Mongo Santa Maria Tito Puento, Willie Bobo, Soul sister - Aretha Franklin

Lighting design:  Yossi Berg

Costumes – Itzik Nini

Dance: Audronė Leškevičiūtė, Raimonda Gudavičiūtė, Mantas Stabačinskas, Rasa Danilinaitė / Agnė Urbaitytė

Duration – 30 min.

Premiere – 2006


 Four people start an innocent game. Memories and songs from their childhood mix up with joyful but tense atmosphere.  They logically and rhythmically follow the storyline.  Suddenly the game becomes obsessive and fantasies turn to the reality. The artists not only dance here, but also hum, sing, passionately expressing their emotions.  The performance looks perfectly finished: every single movement, shiver, glances and sighs are very sincere.

The work has received the support of the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs.



2008 – LITHUANIA Kaunas

2007 – LITHUANIA Kaunas, Alytus, Panevezys

2006 – LITHUANIA Kaunas, Vilnius

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