Choreography: Johannes Wieland (GERMANY)

Scenography: Os Gêmeos

Music: The Andrews Sisters, Ben Frost, Radiohead, Bert Kaempfert, Kate Bush, Phonophani and more

Costumes: Johannes Wieland, Ruta Biliunaite

Dance: Gotaute Kalmataviciute, Ruta Lelyte, Evangelos Poulinas, Mantas Stabacinskas

Duration: 60 min.

Premiere: 28th of October, 2011

What or who is the “I” ? To what are we referring to when we reflect inward toward ourselves – and what time line is constructing this “I”?

Have we come to create another more complex dimension of “time” in our head and isn’t that layered experience of time and events forcing us to create simplified mental or physical reference points in our lives, making us believe they exist clearly only in that one particular imprint forming our identity?

Anything and everything else would probably be whip-lash inducing…. clashing together the artistic worlds of Os Gêmeos and Johannes Wieland. Four performers are thrown into a box mélancolique, trying to find these defining reference points – visualizing and dissecting them, fabricating a new mental landscape melding the time lines into one visual experience.


2013 – LITHUANIA Kaunas

2011 – LITHUANIA Kaunas, Vilnius

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