Choreography, music and text - Amos Ben-Tal (Israel/ Holland)

Dancers: Gotaute Kalmataviciute, Ema Nedobezkina, Marius Pinigis,

Costumes - Amos Ben-Tal

Light Design: Amos Ben-Tal ir Peter Lemmens

Duration - 15min.

Premiere - 29th of September, 2012

Support - Lihuanian Culture Support Foundation

64 square-meters, a box in a box, 2 females, 1 male, glistening skin, shiny metal, a pulse, a voice, a word.
Now what? (Amos Ben – Tal)

The performance “Kill the Victor” is the corporate project of he Aura Dance Company and the “Korzo” (Haga). The choreographer of the performance – Amos Ben-Tal is born in Israel, but for several years is living and creating in Netherlands.

During the creation process of performance Amos Ben-Tal explored the paradox of achieving freedom by creating rules. The movement in performance is pure, emotionless.

In the play of movement and rhythm appears text, which is used to make the movement more suggestible. “I am using any other elements of expression in performance very wary and rarely . The text appeared in this performance, because I was assured that it’s the way to say much more.” (Amos Ben – Tal)

In the end of the performance we hear the text (written by choreographer), which opens many more meanings and questions as well. “Victor” could be understood as “Victory”. But the question rises: is he really a winner? Maybe he is a “Victim” ?


2013 – SWEDEN Gotenburg, HOLLAND Arnhem, POLAND Warsaw, LITHUANIA Kaunas, Vilnius

2012 – LITHUANIA Kaunas, Klaipeda, Vilnius, HOLLAND Hague

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