Choreography – Birute Letukaite
Music – Karl Jenkins „Palladio“, performed by VDU Chamber orchestra
Dancers: Antonia Koluiartseva, Ema Nedobežkina, Gotautė Kalmatavičiūtė, Indrė Puišytė, Marius Pinginis, Paulius Prievelis,
Premiere: December 19, 2013

Dance performance is created by the work „Palladio“ created by all over the known composer Karl Jenkins. The source of performance choreography became the music inspired by Italian architecture.

Through the interflow of music and body borns a new dance architecture. The bodies are like non-harmonized music sounds, which strings are touched by dancers’ emotions and feelings. Every body is like a different instrument, has its own timbre and colour. Obeying to the unvisible sounds conductor endures harmonized building of space, music and motion, where we are asked to settle down.

2014 – LITHUANIA, Vilnius, Kaunas (twice – the awards evening for the Female Kaunas Citizen of the Year 2014; the concert of Kaunas Choreographic school)
2013 – LITHUANIA, Kaunas

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