Idea, music, sound design – Antanas Jasenka
Choreography – Birutė Letukaitė
Costumes: Olesė Kekienė, Birutė Letukaitė
Lights — Vladimiras Šerstabojevas
Dancers (premiere list): Antonia Kuluiartseva (Russia), Ema Nedobežkina, Gabija Blochina, Gintarė Ščavinskaitė, Gotautė Kalmatavičiūtė, Indrė Puišytė, Maciej Beczek (Poland), Paulius Prievelis, Roberta Leščinskaitė, Robin Ivarsson (Sweden), Salim Ben Mammar (Algeria).
Dancers: Anna Karen Gonzalez Huesca (Mexico), Ema Nedobežkina, Oksana Griaznova, Gintarė Marija Ščavinskaitė, Israel Ismael Infante Salazar (Mexico), Kyrie Oda (Japan), Paulius Prievelis, Niels Claes (Belgium).
Technology: MOTUS – by TZM Creative Lab
Texts: extracs from “Verità Parallele” by Leonidas Donskis, George Orwell “Animal Farm”, Daniel Kahneman “Thinking, Fast and Slow”
Premiere: February 27th, 2015. Work in progress was presented on April 22, 2014 in Vilnius, the festival “Young music”.
Duration: 60 min.

Daily research of copula: with yourself, with the other, with God. Yet connections are broken, remade. Shattered sexuality, the relation between man and woman, various -isms – all surpass one another, thrust new truths and proclaim the era of new gods. In this era the value of a human being is determined not by us, but by the system which we either match or not. We are complying with the dimensions measured in centimeters, with brands and purchasing capacity. The system prefers (uni)sex, (uni)you and (uni)him, because I hardly obeys.

Inspiration source of the performance is MOTUS – creative motion enhancer. MOTUS is a wireless performance controller that collects data about dancer’s motions and coverts it to gestures and control parameters for sound synthesizers and audio effects. The space around dancer becomes a touchless surface, a canvas that dancer can interact with and hear the sound feedback immediately.

Technology developed by TZM Creative Lab, more info at

TZM Creative Lab is the place where technocrats meet artists, where the synthesis of art and technology happens, where the new ways of expression are born, where the devices that provoke senses and emotions are being created.


Golden Stage Cross (the most prestigious national theatre award given by The Ministry of Culture) to Gotautė Kalmatavičiūtė as the best dancer of 2014 in performances “Make the Switch from Me” and “Apollo”;

Fortune statuette (the main award given by Kaunas Theatre Alliance) to AURA Dance Theatre for the best dance performance of 2014;

Fortune statuette to Antanas Jasenka for the best music composition;

Young Theatre Critics’ award to AURA Dance Theatre Make for “Make the Switch from Me” as the best performance of 2014 and to choreographer Birute Letukaite for the development of the best creative activity;

Young Theatre Critics’ award to composer Antanas Jasenka for the best music of 2014 in “Make the Switch from Me”.

2017 – JAPAN, Tokyo (festival “International Dance Bridges“, 30-minutes duet version)
2017 – INDIA, Kolkata (Dance Bridges Festival 2017, 12-minutes solo version)
2016 – LITHUANIA, Kaunas
2015 – LITHUANIA, Vilnius, Kaunas (International dance festival AURA 25), Šiauliai, Radviliškis, Alytus, Varėna
2015 – POLAND, Tarnow-Moscice, international dance theatre festival SCENA OTWARTA
2015 – ITALY, Turin (dance season IPUNTIDANZA 2014/2015)
2014 – LITHUANIA, Vilnius (festival “Youth music”)

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