Karolio Kriščiūno nuotr.

Photo by Karolis Kriščiūnas

Nearly all human beings have been melding in so called global society. Brands, trends, shifts of variuos fashion paradigms are clear attributes of contemporary citizen of the Word whose selfies uploaded to a social network are intended to cover the biggest issues of nowadays society: loneliness, alcoholism and finally a suicide. The international project GODOS seeks to discuss if nearly forgotten mythic world as well as collective memory serve as a positive impact for contemporary human being that blends in a continuous makeshift? Maybe dance as a massive hypnosis could enable a living one to perceive its eternal presence, free of past-present-future partitions.  

Choreographers Birute Letukaite, Pia Holden and Anne Ekenes shed light on godos – a  narrative of femininity in Lithuanian mythology and its possible impact on that so called citizen of World. Lithuanian and Norwegian approaches towards the Godos is to reveal a skittish but elemental World of Lithuanian witches, hags and other characters as well as it is supplemented by Norwegian pursuit of primer genotype of femininity.


Text by dramatist Silvija Čižaitė-Rudokienė

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