Choreographers Anne Ekenes, Pia Holden and outreach leader Silje B. Lian – all from Panta Rei dance theatre, which is the partner of the project GODOS, have been staying in Kaunas dance theatre AURA for the last week of January 2016. Together with the whole creative team they have rehearsed the first part of a dance co-production “Godos” that has been created last August in Oslo and merged it with the second part which is created by choreographer Birutė Letukaitė. The first stage of the project – a creation of the dance co-production “Godos” – is almost implemented: the world premiere of “Godos” will be held on the 17th of February in Moss, Norway.


A press conference was organized in AURA Dance Theatre on the 28th of January 2016. Lithuanian press was introduced with the project GODOS, its activities, goals and expected results, what is more, journalists saw a short extract from the Norwegian part of the performance. The moments of the press conference in pictures are here, in words (only Lithuanian) – here.

…and from February 10th starting the second stage

Panta Rei has a huge amount of experience in dance education and audience development and has successfully used these skills for many years now. During the project GODOS the company has shared its experience and the methodology with AURA Dance Theatre: in August 2015 and January 25-29th 2016 Silje B. Lian, an outreach leader from Norway, was giving the seminars on dance techniques and audience development. Additionally, AURA dancers have gained knowledge about organizing creative workshops. The expected result of sharing this experience is to involve local local communities of Lithuanian and Norwegian regions into a dance education project while touring with a dance co-production “Godos”. More information and details about the second stage of the project will be presented in upcoming post.

The team of AURA Dance Theatre is leaving to Norway, Østfold region, on the 9th of February 2016. This journey marks the beginning of the second stage of the project GODOS. According to project coordinator Eglė Marčiulaitytė, upcoming three months will be the most intensive of the whole implementation of GODOS. Follow the news on the project’s Facebook page.



2016 | February
10-16th dance residence/outreach in Moss and Fredrikstad, Norway
17th 18:00 world premiere of dance performance “Godos”, Parkteatret, Dronningensgt. 25, Moss, Norway
19th 18:00 “Godos”, Scene K60, Dokka 3 A N- 1671, Kråkerøy, Fredrikstad, Norway

22-26th dance residence/outreach in Švenčionys, Lithuania
27th 16:00 presentation of dance workshops, Nalšia Museum of Švenčionys (Laisvės a. 1, Švenčionys),
17:00 premiere of “Godos” in Lithuania, Cultural Centre of Švenčionys (Vilniaus g. 2, Švenčionys)

2016 | March
February 29th – March 5th educational and creative week in Mažeikiai, Lithuania

7th 18:00 presentation of dance workshops + performance “Godos”, Mažeikiai Cultural Center (Naftininkų str. 11, Mažeikiai)

8-11th dance residence/outreach in Neringa, Lithuania

12th 16:00 presentation of dance workshops, VDA Nida Art Colony (Taikos g. 43, Neringa)
18:00 performance “Godos”, Nida‘s culture and toursit information centre “Agila” (Taikos g. 4, Neringa)

April 29th, 2016 – Closing event of the project GODOS.
19:00 Premiere of the dance performance “Godos” in the Grand Hall of National Kaunas Drama Theatre (Laisvės av. 71, Kaunas). After the performance – meeting with the creative team and presentation of projects results.

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