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In Lithuania community based arts are just getting their first steps. The idea of dialogue communication which could bring people together not just for one night performance but to help to find community problems and even to solve them is quite unusual and not always successful. Questions how residents should communicate with each other, how to find genius loci of specific site, and how to reveal abilities of people who live there or to find ways for community to feel safe and happy in exact place, are still open. Art is one of the keys which could help not only to find an issue but also to resolve it. Therefore, Kaunas dance theatre “Aura” and Norwegian dance theatre “Panta Rei” combined their creativity powers together to reveal the importance and power of community based arts.

During working process differences between dance companies helped to identify specific interest and glance to contemporary dance in Norway and Lithuania. The result of this cooperation is not only performance which is based on the same godos idea but also a research of the dialogue with the residents in regions to whom “Godos” performance is going to be shown. Representatives of “Panta Rei” theatre relayed their experience in working with communities to “Aura” dancers (find out more about Panta Rei experience in outreach projects on their website, project TILT). Working process with community residence will be held in two cities of Norway: Moss and Fredrikstad, and three cities of Lithuania: Švenčionys, Mažeikiai and Neringa. Dancers together with participants will open the dialogue between contemporary dance and community, listen to each other in order to create short dance pieces together which will not only gather two different countries and people together (international dancers and local people) but also will improve the point of view of local audiences to contemporary dance and never the less to performance  “Godos” which would be the final note of one week work.

Art, which could be not only shown in galleries or on special stage, but art, which is close to communities, which could be seen and spoken both ways – an artist and a viewer, hopefully will be shown and make a spill over effect in Lithuania and Norway. Because, like Joseph Beuys said long time ago, everyone is an artist. We could say – in his own way everyone really is and his or her creativity is helpful not only in the theatre but also to resolving and dealing with everyday situations. Language of contemporary dance is one of the ways to open the community and spread its language through the countries.

Text by Silvija Čižaitė-Rudokienė

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2016 | February
10-16th dance residence/outreach in Moss and Fredrikstad, Norway
17th 18:00 world premiere of dance performance “Godos”, Parkteatret, Dronningensgt. 25, Moss, Norway
19th 18:00 “Godos”, Scene K60, Dokka 3 A N- 1671, Kråkerøy, Fredrikstad, Norway

22-26th dance residence/outreach in Švenčionys, Lithuania
27th 16:00 presentation of dance workshops, Nalšia Museum of Švenčionys (Laisvės a. 1, Švenčionys),
17:00 premiere of “Godos” in Lithuania, Cultural Centre of Švenčionys (Vilniaus g. 2, Švenčionys)

2016 | March
February 29th – March 5th educational and creative week in Mažeikiai, Lithuania

7th 18:00 presentation of dance workshops + performance “Godos”, Mažeikiai Cultural Center (Naftininkų str. 11, Mažeikiai)

8-11th dance residence/outreach in Neringa, Lithuania

12th 16:00 presentation of dance workshops, VDA Nida Art Colony (Taikos g. 43, Neringa)
18:00 performance “Godos”, Nida‘s culture and toursit information centre “Agila” (Taikos g. 4, Neringa)

April 29th, 2016 – Closing event of the project GODOS.
19:00 Premiere of the dance performance “Godos” in the Grand Hall of National Kaunas Drama Theatre (Laisvės av. 71, Kaunas). After the performance – meeting with the creative team and presentation of projects results.

Below — pictures from dance workshops in Fredrikstad and Moss, Norway.


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