The second stage of the project GODOS has started on February 11th and will last for almost two months until the 29th of April when the final concert in Kaunas will take place in National Kaunas drama theatre. After dance workshops in Moss, Fredrikstad (both in Norway) and Švenčionys (Lithuania), the team of GODOS now is working in Mažeikiai, where 75 people, divided in 4 goups, are participating in the project. The results of these dance workshops will be presented on March 7th, 6:00 pm, in Mažeikiai Culture Centre together with the professional dance co-production “Godos”. Dance workshops in Neringa will start on March 8th.


The second stage of the project will be focused on dance education and presentations of “Godos” in both Lithuania and Norway for the purposes of audience development.

Panta Rei has a huge amount of experience in dance education and audience development and has successfully used these skills for many years now. During the project GODOS the company has shared its experience and the methodology with Aura Dance Theatre. The dancers from Aura participated in the seminars on dance techniques and audience development. Additionally, they have gained knowledge about organizing creative workshops. This was an important part of the preparations for touring in Lithuania and Norway.

During this second stage, a team consisting of both dance companies will visit three towns in Lithuania (Švenčionys, Mažeikiai and Neringa) and two towns in Norway (Moss and Fredrikstad) and share knowledge and experience of contemporary dance with selected project participants.

Approximately 300 participants, members of the local communities and mostly young people, will take part in the project. Assisted by dance professionals and local musicians, participants will create short dance performances. The results of these dance residencies will be presented to the public at an evening performance, together with “Godos”, at the end of the educational week in each town.

The involvement of regions in the project aims to reduce cultural exclusion between bigger and smaller towns and increase the accessibility of culture. GODOS acquaints the residents of the regions with contemporary dance, not only by showing them a joint performance of professionals from Lithuania and Norway, but also by involving them in the process of creation of the performance.

 Scenekunst Østfold is the main partner for the project in Norway during the implementation of stage 2. 

Other partners for the projects in the regions: Kulturskolen Fredrikstade, Eldbjørgs Ballett og dansestudio in Moss, Østfold youth dance group, Švenčionys district municipality and the centre of culture, Nalšia museum of Švenčionys district, Švenčionys Julius Sinius art school, Švenčionys Zigmas Žemaitis gymnasium, folklore ensemble “Aušrela” and ethno-cultural group “Atgaja”, song and dance ensemble “Aukštaitija” in Švenčionys, Mažeikiai district municipality and the centre of culture, Mažeikiai school of choreography and contemporary dance studio “Niuansas”, Nida Art Colony of Vilnius Academy of Arts, Neringa’s Youth Round Table (NAJS), Nida’s culture and tourist information centre of “Agila”, National Kaunas Drama Theatre.

Follow the information about dance workshops in regional towns in project’s Facebook page.


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