“Godos” has started its journey through Norway and Lithuania. The first stop in Lithuania was a small town of Švenčionys. The town that has less than 5000 inhabitants surprised us with 3 groups of young dancers on stage. I think it wouldn’t be a mistake to say that almost the whole city in one way or another was participating and living in pulse of the project GODOS: for example, Asta Matuškevičienė, mother of one young dancer Domilė, made a huge cake decorated with GODOS logo, Ieva Navikienė, mother of another little dancer Matas, made beautiful bouquets for all GODOS team members.


After the premiere I talked with the dance soul of the Švenčionys – choreographer, dance teacher Jolanta Razmienė and she assured that such projects that involve local people are very needful. It was an exclusive opportunity for community not only to see contemporary dance, but also to become a part of contemporary dance family. After one week of working together, the final performances also were a unique experience. Choreographer smiles that her 6-year-old sun is still talking about “Godos” performance and asking such questions as “Why one of the 5 women on stage was not able to speak?”, “Why they need so many leaves on stage?”, and so on and so forth. Jolanta says, that everyone now burns with passion to dance and waits for the 29th of April to go to Kaunas where they can meet all GODOS team members again, especially the dancers, their teachers, who became their friend after working for one week all together.
As a result, Švenčionys is a potential dance town in Lithuania. Me and Jolanta are hoping, that GODOS project is just a great beginning!

Text by Silvija Čižaitė-Rudokienė, pictures by Laura Vansevičienė.


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