Project GODOS

As the project neared the end, GODOS was brought to the seaside. As is befitting to a seashore region, the creative week was full of both brain-storms and candour-filled ebb-tides. The project’s participants had a week dedicated to getting acquainted not just with contemporary dance but also with each other, gaining confidence, and “dancing out” their stories on stage. Like in the other towns of the project, the participants’ experiences were exposed by dancing on stage. I welcome you to experience the verbally blunt but unfiltered emotions of participants Brigita and Urtė.

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About the Birth of the Dancing City or Godos in Mažeikiai: “Expectations Were High, Results Were Even Higher”

When the project Godos is discussed, the word euphoria immediately comes to mind. Stereotypically, the word project alone suggests “something boring” or “on paper”, so the phrase that the project was followed by euphoria may sound unconvincing or overly “banner-like”.

The statement that the Godos project in Mažeikiai is useful and mutually good experience, once again, is very narrow and clichéd, easily appropriate for any action within the framework of the project. It is difficult to put into words what Aura and the Mažeikiai community created in the week-long creative workshop, but we will try to.


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“Godos” has started its journey through Norway and Lithuania. The first stop in Lithuania was a small town of Švenčionys. The town that has less than 5000 inhabitants surprised us with 3 groups of young dancers on stage. I think it wouldn’t be a mistake to say that almost the whole city in one way or another was participating and living in pulse of the project GODOS: for example, Asta Matuškevičienė, mother of one young dancer Domilė, made a huge cake decorated with GODOS logo, Ieva Navikienė, mother of another little dancer Matas, made beautiful bouquets for all GODOS team members.


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The second stage of the project GODOS has started on February 11th and will last for almost two months until the 29th of April when the final concert in Kaunas will take place in National Kaunas drama theatre. After dance workshops in Moss, Fredrikstad (both in Norway) and Švenčionys (Lithuania), the team of GODOS now is working in Mažeikiai, where 75 people, divided in 4 goups, are participating in the project. The results of these dance workshops will be presented on March 7th, 6:00 pm, in Mažeikiai Culture Centre together with the professional dance co-production “Godos”. Dance workshops in Neringa will start on March 8th.


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In Lithuania community based arts are just getting their first steps. The idea of dialogue communication which could bring people together not just for one night performance but to help to find community problems and even to solve them is quite unusual and not always successful. Questions how residents should communicate with each other, how to find genius loci of specific site, and how to reveal abilities of people who live there or to find ways for community to feel safe and happy in exact place, are still open. Art is one of the keys which could help not only to find an issue but also to resolve it. Therefore, Kaunas dance theatre “Aura” and Norwegian dance theatre “Panta Rei” combined their creativity powers together to reveal the importance and power of community based arts. Read the rest of this entry »

Choreographers Anne Ekenes, Pia Holden and outreach leader Silje B. Lian – all from Panta Rei dance theatre, which is the partner of the project GODOS, have been staying in Kaunas dance theatre AURA for the last week of January 2016. Together with the whole creative team they have rehearsed the first part of a dance co-production “Godos” that has been created last August in Oslo and merged it with the second part which is created by choreographer Birutė Letukaitė. The first stage of the project – a creation of the dance co-production “Godos” – is almost implemented: the world premiere of “Godos” will be held on the 17th of February in Moss, Norway.


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Before diving deeper into the creative depths, let us put the roasted Christmas ducks aside, and raise the curtains in order to see the Norwegian creative experiences. We have started our cooperation with the choreographers Pia Holden and Anne Ekenes in summer, and we have been discussing what godos are for several days. Considering their attempts to comprehend the Lithuanian godos and discover some shared commonalities with Norway and the global world of today, I have finally asked the artists how have Norwegian artists decided to work on this subject, even though it seems to be so local, what have they experienced, discovered and are still discovering. Read the rest of this entry »

Lithuanian choreographer Birutė Letukaitė and 6 dancers of AURA Dance Theatre – Ema Nedobežkina, Gintarė Marija Ščavinskaitė, Haruka Suzuki, Kyrie Oda, Laura Leona Witzleben ir Love Hellgren – have been creating the second part of the dance coproduction “Godos” in the studio of AURA Dance theatre since September 2015.

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Nearly all human beings have been melding in so called global society. Brands, trends, shifts of variuos fashion paradigms are clear attributes of contemporary citizen of the Word whose selfies uploaded to a social network are intended to cover the biggest issues of nowadays society: loneliness, alcoholism and finally a suicide. The international project GODOS seeks to discuss if nearly forgotten mythic world as well as collective memory serve as a positive impact for contemporary human being that blends in a continuous makeshift? Maybe dance as a massive hypnosis could enable a living one to perceive its eternal presence, free of past-present-future partitions. Read the rest of this entry »

The first creative stage of the international dance project “Godos” has started in Oslo, Norway in the beginning of August 2015. 5 dancers from AURA Dance Theatre – two Lithuanians Ema Nedobežkina and Gintarė Ščavinskaitė, two Japanese Kirie Oda and Haruka Suzuki and German Laura Witzleben – have left to Oslo for three weeks. Together with two choreographers of Panta Rei Danseteater – Anne Ekenes and Pia Holden – they will create one of two parts of the contemporary dance coproduction. The intensive rehearsals will take place at Trikkehallen which is located in a former tram depot in Oslo Kjelsås district. Composer Antanas Jasenka will also join the creative team for couple of days.

Before starting the production process, project partners have organized two creative meetings. The first meeting took place in Kaunas in May 2015, while the second one was arranged simultaneously with the beginning of the production period in Oslo – choreographer Birutė Letukaitė and project coordinator Eglė Marčiulaitytė joined the 5 dancers and traveled to Oslo for couple of days to meet the partners.


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In 2014 AURA Dance Theatre together with the Norwegian partner “Panta Rei” Dance Theatre submitted a proposal under the Programme “Promotion of Diversity in Culture and Arts within European Cultural Heritage” of the European Economic Area (EEA) Financial Mechanism*. After receiving a positive answer in the early spring of 2015, both partners start to implement a composite one-year-long project “GODOS: the international coproduction of dance theatres and its dissemination in Lithuanian and Norwegian regions” (further – GODOS). Read the rest of this entry »